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We provide premium, tax-optimized private wealth management services. We are not traditional financial advisors – we offer trusted advice that covers your entire financial picture.

It all begins with a holistic approach that’s based on our review of the personal financial planning needs that are unique to you or your family. It’s simple, really. The more we understand about your vision and goals, the better we can help you prioritize and realize meaningful progress. Our financial advisors collaborate with our tax and accounting professionals to create a fully integrated plan. This enables us to serve you no matter what life brings – from retirement, education, tax and estate planning, to debt reduction and investment advice. We also consult with small businesses looking to implement employee retirement plans.

Our Why

Our firm’s combined technical knowledge of income taxes and investment strategies allows us to identify and implement appropriate tax-efficient solutions to assist you on your path to success, eliminate anxiety about money, and deliver on important promises you’ve made to your loved ones.

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Our goal is to eliminate the uncertainty. Learn how our tested process can help you toward financial success. 

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Our goal is to eliminate the uncertainty. Learn how our tested process can help you toward financial success. 

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Our goal is to eliminate the uncertainty. Learn how our tested process can help you toward financial success. 

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What Sets Us Apart?

Tax Smart Investing

Just as our firm is powered by Avantax, Avantax is powered by Tax-Smart InvestingTM (TSI). This proprietary technology is designed to uncover potential tax savings and wealth management strategies for you - all in a fraction of the time it would take manually. The TSI technology helps our firm maintain a critical tax focus on your financial planning strategies and investment decisions.

Cash Flow & Debt Management

The first step to reaching your financial goals is to assess where you currently are. Cash flow is an analysis of your income, before and after taxes, and your expenses in order to identify areas where you can be more efficient with what you have earned. The goal is to put more money to work for you. Debt management is the analysis of your debt such as loans, revolving credit accounts, and credit cards. The advantage we provide is a holistic view of your finances, establishing a plan designed to allow a greater portion of your earnings to be prioritized towards your goals.

Family Risk Management

Life is unpredictable. That's why it's smart to plan for those you care about. Family risk management is insurance planning, such as life insurance, disability, and long-term care. Insurance products can have great tax advantages such as tax-free benefits and the potential to take tax-free distributions to supplement your income needs. With this type of careful planning, we help to ensure those you love are taken care of and the benefits you want them to have are preserved.

Investment Planning

Your goals and needs are unique to you. To help you meet them, we start by assessing where you are financially and putting a tailored program in place to build from there. Investment planning is a means to analyze your investment holdings, anything other than retirement funds. The goal is to hold positions that match your tax situation and hold them in accounts that will mitigate annual tax consequences - thus allowing you to keep more of what is yours.

Retirement Planning

The path toward your retirement begins with the end in mind and being able to articulate a clear vision of what you desire from your retirement - where you will live, what you will be doing, and your family goals. Our retirement and distribution planning can help make sure you have enough to meet these important goals. We work with you to achieve them in a manner that is designed to limit the taxability of your retirement funds so they better align with your financial plan and with a goal of lasting beyond your lifetime.

Education Planning

The single largest category of debt facing young people today is school loans. With education planning, we guide you through a process of investing in the future of your children and grandchildren with the use of tax-advantaged investment vehicles such as 529 plans. We'll also help you understand how your investments and savings will affect financial aid and even the role your income, gift, and estate tax situation will play in your ability to receive assistance.

Legacy Planning

Establishing a legacy begins much earlier than you might think. Legacy planning (also known as estate planning) is making sure that your wishes are carried out at the time of your passing. For some families, taxes will play a significant role in the realization of the decedent's wishes. We create a master plan using a careful process with the family and their attorney to help minimize potential taxes and maximize the assets you wish to leave your loved ones.

Business Planning

Your business is often your most significant asset. Making a plan for any business your own, or are you thinking about starting, needs to take into consideration an array of possible scenarios. This includes the tax implications of a legal entity, business structure, retirement plans, compensation, business insurance, and other issues. We help you not only protect your business but also protect the future of you and your family as well.

Special Situations

Special situations are just that; situations that require knowing what your options may be in certain circumstances. Funds set aside for life events, such as a wedding, buying a vacation property, an RV purchase for retirement, or the care of a loved one, are invaluable. With each special situation, there are often tax considerations to be aware of. Our goal is to help ensure your money goes as far as you need so you can be prepared for unforeseen events before they happen.

Put the Avantax Wealth Management approach to work for YOU

Through our 8-point framework to wealth management and our unique expertise in using tax information to guide investment decisions, we are focused on helping you keep more of what's yours - and, in the end, better aligning you to achieve your lifelong goals.

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